GLAM Chic Glass Cupping Cup for Face & Body - 01 Purple


Glass and rubber bulb cupping cup

BEST FOR: Jaw tension, belly, arms, legs

Cup Size: # 1 Outer glass bottom opening - 2.15"; inner diameter 1.50"

Use for: CHEST, ABS, ARMS, LEGS SLIM CUP: The #1 size glass cupping cup (2.15”, inner diameter 1.50”) is perfectly sized for cellulite, toning larger areas like arms, stomach, hips, legs and firming chest muscles.

Our easy step by step video tutorial and complementary PDF Cupping book will make you a cupping expert in no time. Whether you a seasonal cupping pro or a beginner we make it easy and our certified cupping educators are available to help you reach your goals. Just 5 minutes a day, 2-3 times a week, is all that it takes – no fillers, surgery or down time