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The Decent Living Germany Beech Wood Tabletop Clock

$40.50 $45

A triumph of minimalist design philosophy, our tabletop clock is simple, elegant, and attractive. Crafted with care, it’s cut from German beech wood using laser technology, then hand-sanded and waxed to a crisp and clean finish. Inspired by the simplicity and beauty of nature, our designer has created a modern tabletop clock that will bring style and refinement to your home or work space. Accurate and reliable, our clock is a modern timekeeping classic.
Crafted from solid German beech
Hand-sanded and waxed with natural oils
Accurate and reliable timekeeping
Elegant and attractive
Color: neutral
Dimension: 12 × 4.8 × 12 cm
Weight: 0.4 kg
Materials: German beech wood
Power: AA battery (not included)

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