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Foot Roller Massager


Oh, the relief you feel when those tight muscles get massaged and relaxed, returning them back to their wonderful limber state. The muscles in your feet are no different! Fallen arches /arch pain, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs/pain, tired feet—those hardworking muscles get exhausted, tight, and need some good old-fashioned relaxing massage therapy to keep you on your feet. Dr. Achy’s foot massagers are designed to be your one-stop, go-anywhere feet massagers. This package includes a textured roller bar for broad arch stretching and a textured rollerball for concentrated pain relief in a targeted area. These dual massage rollers act as a heel spur massager, massager for plantar fasciitis, and fallen arch/flat foot revitalizer. No muscle stands alone, so these well-designed foot massager rollers were created with your muscle anatomy in mind. It targets 3 major muscles supports in the soles of your feet as well as works the extrinsic and intrinsic (outer and inner) muscles of your lower leg and foot. This helps stretch the plantar fascia in order to increase flexibility and relieve pain due to a number of muscle-related foot issues, including spurs and tired feet. Compact and easy to pack, this duo is ready to travel with you to make sure your feet stay limber, well-stretched and feeling fine any time you need.

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