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Flux Original


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Feel Flux: Flux Original - a magical experience powered by science
Product Descriptions
Flux Original is a magical science gadget offering a beautiful anti-gravity effect unlike anything you have seen before. Drop the heavy metal ball into the copper tube and see it defy gravity as the ball descends slowly inside. The soft and unusual interaction of the two components makes playing with Feel Flux an oddly satisfying sensual experience.
Feel Flux relies on a rarely know magnetic principle called Lenz’s law: the magnetic braking force is generated by an electric current induced by the movement of the world’s most powerful magnet ball inside the tube.
Flux Original is made of a high purity copper alloy with aircraft-grade machinery and brilliant finish. Choose from 3 elegant suede leather covers and let Flux Original be the center of your desktop.
Product Details:
In the box:

  • 1 cup of Flux Original
  • 1 super-strong Neodymium Magnet Ball (grade: N52)
  • 1 Anodized Aluminium Desktop Stand
  • 1 Black Velvet Pouch
  • English User Manual

Warning: the strong magnet ball requires careful handling! Not for children under 14 years of age. Read the user manual before using the product.
Origin: All products are hand-crafted in Hungary, EU
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