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FITTO Data-driven Muscle Management Device

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FITTO helps you measure & analyze your muscle growth, stay on track with personalized goals, and receive personalized workout & meal plans.

Next Generation Muscle Tracker
FITTO introduces a groundbreaking muscle tracker and trainer for fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike. This innovative handheld device delivers professional-level muscle development readings for up to 4 users.

Data Driven Personal Training
FITTO analyzes your muscle growth over time and keeps you motivated to push harder. Scan your lean mass in 5 spots on your body, muscle-to-fat ratios in up to 15 spots, receive a full body muscle grade, and evaluate 5 muscle balance spots.

Accurate Muscle Measurements
FITTO utilizes noninvasive NIRS (Near Infrared Light) to assess your exercise efficacy with a high level of accuracy. These safe, radiation-free measurements provide you with reports of your real progress at home, the gym, or on-the-go..

Optimize Your Fitness Routine
The included FITTO health app helps you set and manage your personal fitness goals with tailored nutrition and training recommendations for muscle quality and health. Hassle-free Bluetooth connection. Compatible with Google Fit and Apple Health.

Elevate Your Performance
FITTO’s one-stop training solution eliminates the guesswork from your muscle conditioning process with daily check-ins. Identify any weak points or imbalances and experience improved gains as you earn challenge badges and score points in-app.



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