Fancii Tasha Heated Eyelash Curler


Meet Tasha, the revolutionary heated lash curler that brings you long-lasting salon-quality lashes. With its gentle silicone pad, Tasha delicately diffuses heat, crafting a lasting, voluminous curl. Thanks to its innovative temperature-sensing technology, your lashes are pampered at the ideal warmth for curling. In just 10 seconds, you'll unveil elegantly curled lashes that stay stunning throughout the day.

Product Dimensions:
• Package Size: L 1.18" x W 1.57" x H 4.72"
• Weight: 0.10 lbs.

Product Material: Eyelash Curler Silicone Pad

How to use:
It is not recommended to use a heated lash curler daily, as too much heat on your lashes can cause them to become dry and brittle, leading to breakage or even loss of lashes over time.

PRO TIP: Let your lashes rest, and remember to care for your lashes after using a heated lash curler.

Package Content: Eyelash Curler Silicone Pad, Eyelash Curler Squeeze Shaft, Digital Display, Power Button Temperature Setting Button, USB-C Charging Port, Storage Pouch, USB-C Charging Cable