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Fancii Farah Facial Cleansing Cloth Set


Say goodbye to makeup mayhem and impurity invasion with Farah's cutting-edge Micro-T Technology. This face cloth is not just your ordinary cleanser – it's a high-tech wonder for your skin!

Product Dimensions:
• Package Size: L 3.93" x W 3.93" x H 1.37"
• Weight: 0.13 lbs.

Product Material: Built-In-Mirco-T Technology

How to use:
• Finger Mitt - Simply wet the Farah finger mitt and gently remove your makeup using soft, circular motions.
• The front side of Farah is soft and silky. When wet, it integrates innovation and indulgence to pamper your skin while gently and effectively removing makeup, excess oil, residue, pollutants or other unwanted pore-clogging debris.
• The backside of Farah gently exfoliates and removes any remaining makeup leaving your skin feeling and looking soft and invigorated.

Package Content: 2x Dual-sided Farah Face Cloths, 1x Farah Finger Mitt

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