Extra Large Chilling Stone And Whiskey Glasses Gift Set


Two traditional style whiskey glasses and two extra-large handmade silver sphere cooling stones that perfectly chill your whiskey or spirits, expertly crafted with the finest stainless steel for fast, effective results. Unlike ice cubes, whiskey stones don’t melt and dilute your drink, so you can enjoy a tastier, smoother whiskey or other spirit without watering down your drink. Not to mention they make for a great gift and add a bit of fancy fun to the whiskey drinking experience.

Perfectly Sipping temperature: Whiskey chilling stones are ideal for drinking high quality whiskey or other spirits by keeping it at the perfect sipping temperature. This cooler temperature is known to unlock extra flavors in whiskey as opposed to just having at room temperature.

Simply place the stones in our velvet pouch and leave in a freezer for 4 hours or more and then place them into your glass using our non-slip tongs and enjoy your perfectly chilled drink. Perfect not only for whiskey, but wine, cocktails, gin, vodka, rum etc and even soft drinks.

Gorgeous Giftbox – Our stones come in a beautiful, hand-crafted wooden giftbox which is laser-etched with our eye-catching logo. This adds a prestigious feel and makes it a great gift idea for the whiskey or spirit lover or for the person who just has everything.

Certified Safe and Lead-Free: Our stones are completely lead-free, odourless, tasteless certified and meet FDA, LFGB and SGS requirements.​​​​​​​

Included in each set:
- Two extra-large stainless-steel silver sphere cooling stones
- Two premium traditional style whiskey glasses
- Hand-crafted Wooden Giftbox
- Beautifully designed black and gold velvet pouch for freezer storage
- Stainless steel tongs with rubberized non-slip ends to place your stones into your glass
- 12 - Month Money Back Guarantee
- Easy to use instructions