Evertone Fat Freezer Replacement Pads


Replacement Fat Freezer Pads-10 glycerin pads for freeze system Lipo machine.
These antifreeze pads are specially used for the freeze system Lipo machines. It is necessary for fat freeze sculpturing therapy. It is cotton sheets saturated in antifreeze solution. The antifreeze is combined by these solution:
Glycerin 60.0%
Phenonip Phenoxyethanol 0.1%
Methylparaben 0.1%
Ethylparaben 0.1%
Burylparaben 0.1%
Propylparaben 0.1%
Isobutylparaben 0.1%
Pure water 39.4%
Directly use on clean skin. It is suggested to use one pad for one person one time. Repeated use is not suggested for hygienic purpose.