Evertone Everflex Xtreme


Introduction: Our Everflex Xtreme is made of 100% eco-friendly natural latex that withstands repeated high-strength stretching. It is more durable than the previous material on the market.

Ergonomic and comfortable to use: EVA knee board, ergonomic, oversized and non-slip. Flexible wheels with soft sponge cover and handheld shelf, convenient to use. Six different training levels for your choice to achieve maximum fitness.

General Function - Abdominal roller with elastic bands for arm training, strengthen your abdominal, upper, middle, lower and oblique. Resistance training at home, work your chest, back, arms, shoulders and abs in one movement. Develops dynamic core strength, has the ability to tone everyone's muscles.

Long service life and easy to carry: latex rope, high elasticity, adjustable and solid with long service life. Folds up easily for convenient storage and transport

10 minutes every day. - In the physical principle of weight loss, using the double wheel tensioner is the best way to keep your body perfect, without the need to go on a diet, get liposuction and take pills. The perfect choice. No time for gym, travel ... never miss your exercises. Lightweight, portable and easy to carry, suitable for office and home.