Evertone Electronic Massage Acupuncture Pen


If you often feel muscle pain, you need our products!
acupuncture without needles - does not involve acupuncture, so it does not pierce the skin. Just press the pen on the affected area.
It will release electrical pulses to stimulate the meridians and acupuncture points. no side effects.

Main functions:
1. Physiotherapy function.
2. Dysmenorrhea and active collaterals
3. Adjust the immune and nervous system functions of the body.
Dimensions: 7.78 "x 3.35" x 1.18 "
1. Install one AA battery (not included).
2. Turn on the power of the device, the number 1 should be displayed on the screen, repeat this operation to increase the power to 9. (We have 9 kinds of gears for you to choose)
3. According to the instructions provided by us, find the location of muscle pain and start using the product.
4. Start at a medium to low setting until you feel a pulsing sensation.
5. Keep sliding the tip of the pen until you feel a strong pulse, which means you have found the acupuncture point.
6. Gradually adjust the state you want and massage.

Five types of heads are available and have multiple main functions:
1. Spiral body: suitable for quick pain relief. 2. TYPE OF NODE: Applicable to some body pain. 3. Ball type: suitable for health care and facial beauty. 4. Scraping therapy: suitable for acupuncture and blood circulation. 5. Percussion: Body therapy suitable for percussion and rolling massage to reduce pain.

This product does not contain batteries !!!!! !