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Eva Solo Magnetic Trivet


A minimalist design idiom and a functional mindset. This is the essence of Scandinavian design, and the source of inspiration for the Nordic kitchen range. The kitchenware and cookware range is the perfect match for Nordic cuisine. This also goes for the decorative and practical Nordic kitchen trivet. A powerful magnet is integrated into the stainless steel in the center of the trivet, and ensures that it stays with the pot or pan as it’s being moved around the table. The trivet is made of oiled oak, and is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
• Keep your pot/pan close at hand with the magnetic trivet
• Strong magnets in the center of the trivet keep your surfaces protected while moving the dish
• Nordic design for a minimal and sophisticated kitchen
• Dia: 8”
• Materials: Oiled Oak, Stainless Steel
• Care: Wipe clean with damp cloth / Oil oak regularly to maintain wood
• 1x Magnetic Trivet
• Product booklet

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