Brookstone Essential Oil Ceramic Diffuser


Ultrasonic Ceramic Diffuser 
The Brookstone ultrasonic diffuser releases calm and relaxing energy into the atmosphere of any room you place it in. The steam from the essential oils releases an aroma to sooth your stress and anxiety.

Modern Ceramic Diffuser
The ceramic diffuser has a ceramic outer shell with an LED Light creating a soothing ambience in any rooms in your house or office. A beautiful center piece for your kitchen, living room, dining room and bedroom.

Stressless Sleep
The Ultrasonic Ceramic Diffuser will relieve stress for easier relaxation and sleep. The diffuser lets out a calm and soothing mist with a light and gentle sensational aroma, releasing your stress and anxiety. The essential oils help by removing any particles and dust in the air giving you a clear room for sleep.

60 mL Ultrasonic Diffuser
The Diffuser has a 60ml tank, remove cover and inner lid. Fill the Tank with room temperature water up to MAX line. Add 2 to 3 drops of the essential oil (to much oil will clog and stop the diffuser from working properly). Place the lid and cover back on, and let the diffuser do the rest of the work.

Brookstone Satisfaction
Brookstone takes responsibility of all quality-related issues. Please feel free to contact our customer support team when you have any question, and you can be sure of our prompt response.