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Diamond UV Gel Nail Drying Lamp


Making it a lot easier to cure for those who prefer hard gels or apply multiple layers of thick polish gel.
Large LCD display shows the usage time, the timers are pre-set from 30s to 120s for experienced nail stylists to quick-select corresponding curing time for specific Nail gel polish.
Due to the smart infrared sensor, the lamp has automatic sensing, hands in light on, hand out light off. Provides temperature protection for your hands, bringing a new nail salon-like experience to the comfort of your home.
The space and specially designed light bead distribution ensure the flawless, even and fast curing of all five nails at one time.
The dual-light gel polish curing lamp cures LED gels, hard gels, builder gels, artificial nail gels, sculpture gels, UV gels and even tough shellac nail gels. Ideal for both home and salon.

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