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Deluxe Professional Weather Station with 7-in-1 Sensor and Thermo Hygro Sensor


he Explore Scientific 7-in-1 Weather Sensor Professional Weather Station with WiFi can network with your Weather Underground and Weathercloud online account to review live weather from your home weather station through the website from any computer or tablet on the internet. The 7-in-1 Outdoor Professional Weather Sensor Array is standard equipment that gives wireless connection to the Weather Station Console with color LCD display. This sensor array with its mounting stand, WiFi antennae and bubble level, measures rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity, UV and solar radiation. Solar power extends battery life and drives the ventilation fan inside the radiation shield. Uses three AA batteries, not included. Up to seven each of the optional sensors* can integrate with the Explore Scientific 5-in-1 WiFi Professional Weather Station, including: Thermo-Hygro Sensor for measuring temperature and humidity; Floating Pool Sensor to measure water temperature; Soil Sensor to measure soil temperature and soil moisture.

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