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Color Customization Kit


Change pen colors in under 30 seconds - Swap out both the clip and pen tip colors in 3 simple steps that take less than 30 seconds. No additional tools needed.
Includes 6 different colors, 36 different combinations - Let your personality show through your iSpyPen thanks to the multiple color combinations. All 6 color-ways are included with this kit.
New refined look for an already elegant pen - The iSpyPen Pro X is already inspired by the most renowned pen on the market, and with the color customization kit you can elevate it even more.
Help your pen stand out - With the color customization kit your iSpyPen Pro will be custom to you, making it so you will lever lose it again.
Durable and stylish design - The color customization kit comes with 6 clips and 6 pen heads all crafted from sleek & strong metal.

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