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Calm Embrace Weighted Blanket


Full-Body Therapeutic Relaxation To Help You Transition Into Deep Restful Sleep.

Smartly designed by our sleep experts, the Calm Embrace Weighted Blanket closely mimics the feeling of being held or embraced–instilling a natural calmness to effectively relieve anxiety & enable your body to fall deeply asleep.

- Organic Insomnia & Anxiety Relief
Naturally stimulate the production of Serotonin (Feel good chemical) and Melatonin (Sleeping chemical).
- All Season Usage W/ Removable Duvet Cover
Dual-sided duvet cover - 100% breathable cotton on one side, ultra-soft quilted Minky fabric on the other. Duvet cover is removable for summer usage with the inner blanket.
- Even-weight Construction
Proprietary 7-Layer construction for natural full-body pressure coverage.

Dimension: 60 x 80 inches, 15 lbs, for an individual between 120~190 lbs

*Recommended for single-person usage for best effect.

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