Café Pronto 3D puzzle DIY Kit

Café Pronto 3D puzzle DIY Kit

UNIQUE COFFEE DRIPPER MODEL - There are many ways to make and drink coffee, we bring you another one filled with creativity and gymnastics for the mind and hands. Our unique DIY stainless steel coffee dripper will be an exclusive accessory in your home.

ADVANTAGES of CONE DESIGN DRIPPER - Café Pronto is a V60 coffee maker, and you need to assemble do-it-yourself. This pour-over cone dripper is made of stainless steel with a stylish design and is equipped with paper filters. Thanks to the flow-through design, coffee will receive a gourmet flavor and rich aroma.

HIGH-QUALITY FOOD GRADE STEEL - Café Pronto has a special place among Metal Time products. The coffee dripper is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel. It is a unique DIY coffee dripper set that is in direct contact with food.

SIMPLE ASSEMBLY AND EASY CLEAN - In our metal model dripper, steel parts are very easily separated and connected, and you only need to follow the assembly instructions. This pour-over coffee dripper is easy to clean after use, only rinse under running water and wipe dry.

COFFEE BREAK TIME with METAL TIME - Assembling this model of a coffee dripper will become a unifying game for the whole family, during which you can remember what you know about coffee, find its preparation recipes and immediately try everything in practice. The Café Pronto is a premium stylish accessory that will surprise your guests, especially with the story of how you assembled it yourself. Our steel coffee pour-over is a reliable model and a great gift for all coffee lovers.

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