Brookstone Magnetic Charging Wireless Power Bank With Stand & 5000mAh Portable Magnetic Power Bank Charger Fast Charger Battery Pack For iPhone, iWatch, and Airpods

Brookstone 5000mAh Magnetic Wireless Power Bank MagSafe With Stand
  • Introducing the Brookstone Magnetic Power Bank Charger—power three devices at once: iPhone on the front, Apple Watch on the back, and AirPods via the USB-C port. With a 5000mAh capacity, it's your compact, stylish backup for emergencies or travel. Crafted from strong materials, it embodies quality and a dynamic look. Elevate your charging experience with Brookstone.
  • Choose the Brookstone Wireless Power Bank for a dynamic and stylish charging solution. Crafted from strong materials, it charges three devices simultaneously, compatible with iPhones 15 to 12 Pro Max, iWatch series, and AirPods. Enjoy fast charging and elevate your charging experience with our reliable and stylish Brookstone power bank.
  • Prepare for travel with the Brookstone 3-in-1 Wireless Power Bank—compact, stylish, and efficient. Charge your mobile, smartwatch, and AirPods simultaneously in a pocket-sized device. Experience a seamless and professional solution for on-the-go charging. Travel worry-free with Brookstone.
  • The Brookstone Magnetic Wireless Power Bank is a sleek and convenient charger. With its minimalist design and premium materials, it easily attaches to your mobile device using a powerful magnet, functioning as a MagSafe charger. The ultra-thin power bank directly connects to the back of your phone, and it works with magnetic cases, ensuring efficient charging. Not only is it a fast charger, but it's also safe, thanks to the premium chip protection that guards against overcharge, overcurrent, and overheating, providing a secure charging experience distinct from other power banks.
  • The Brookstone Wireless Power Bank, available in White, Blue, and Black, is a safe and fast charger. It delivers 5W charging for iPhones and 3W for Airpods and smartwatches. The package includes one magnetic power bank, a USB-C cable, and a user guide.