Brookstone BK 650 Massage Chair


Refresh your body and mind with the Brookstone BK-650 massage chair. The BK-650 utilizes L-Track technology to reach every inch of your spine and glutes which helps to eliminate tension and relax all of your tight muscles.

Features include:

L-Track Full Back Coverage
Brookstone BK-650’s enhanced 44 inch L-track gives wider coverage and reaches more points. Invigorating neck, shoulder, mid-back, and lower-back massage is available via the L-track coverage.

Multi-language Controller
With a tap on the seven inch touch screen control panel you can switch between English, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese languages.

Voice Control
Amazon’s Alexa speaker and Google Voice can be used to control the BK-650 for uninterrupted control of the chair during massage.

Moodlights. Music. Massage.
Chromotherapy LED light patterns. Surround sound Bluetooth speakers connect to your smart phone easily.

Customize it. Memorize it.
A personalized massage is a tap away with 15 auto massage programs.

Fast. Precise. Responsive.
The BK-650 is equipped with the high-performance M.5 A.R.M. microprocessor & sensors to adjust intensity levels in real time.

Anywhere in the House
The BK-650 base slides forward when reclining, to save space in your home, only needing 1” from the wall.

EZ Touch Buttons
On the armrest of the Brookstone there is a master control that allows you to conveniently make chair adjustments and a quick access button to a whole body massage. There is also a built-in USB charging port as well.

Advanced Back Scanning Sensor
The advanced back scanning sensor detects the size, shape and curves of your body.

Spot Massage
3D rollers can stay in place giving you control to target a particular area of your neck or back.

Heat Therapy
With lumbar heat therapy, heat is dispersed in the lower back to loosen and soothe tense muscles.

Top features are L-Track, 3D Massage, Voice Activation, Body Scan, Compression Massage, Zero Gravity, Reflexology Foot Massage, Bluetooth Speakers, and more.

  • Product dimensions - 59.5" L x 30.7" W x 50.0" H
  • Product weight - 244 lbs
  • Weight capacity - 320 lbs
  • Polyurethane
  • Wipe Clean
  • Imported

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