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Bio Bidet Discovery DLS Bidet Seat


Introducing the next generation of bathroom technology – The Bio Bidet Discovery series DLS bidet seat. Boasting features such as UV sterilization, automatic open/close, and luxury bidet controls, the Discovery DLS heralds a new era of advanced personal hygiene in the comfort of your own home. Compatible with most toilets, the low profile design enhances the beauty and function of your bathroom. Choose from a variety of wash options, including water temperature, water pressure, spray pattern, and nozzle position. The enhanced warm air dryer mitigates the need for toilet paper, and the built-in night light illuminates a safe destination for late night trips to the bathroom. Say goodbye to toilet paper, and say hello to a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.

AUTO OPEN/CLOSE - Quiet and convenient, the automatic function of the Discovery DLS makes each trip to the bathroom a safe and luxurious experience.
UV STERILIZATION - Clean with confidence knowing your bathroom and body are free from germs. The built-in UV sterilizer automatically cleanses the nozzle after each use.
LUXURY BIDET CONTROLS - Enjoy complete customization of your cleaning routine. Easily adjust the water temperature, seat temperature, water pressure, and more!
LOW PROFILE DESIGN - Enhance the function of your bathroom without sacrificing style. The low profile design of the Discovery DLS accommodates bathrooms of all kinds.
ENHANCED AIR DRYER - The three stage warm air dryer offers a focused and comfortable stream of air. Say goodbye to toilet paper, and say hello to a cleaner, healthier lifestyle!
PREMIER WARRANTY - Your purchase includes 5 years of premier coverage from the world class Bio Bidet support team.

Feature List:

UV Sterilization
Auto Open/Close (Via Remote Only)
Low Profile Design
Heated Seat
Three Stage Warm Air Dryer
Adjustable Water Pressure, Temperature, and Nozzle Position
Unlimited Warm Water
Stainless Steel Nozzle
Dynamic Stream
Auto Function
Night Light
Nozzle Cleaning
Occupancy Sensor
Elongated Size
DIY Install

Product Dims: 20.79” x 16.38” x 5.59”

PROP 65 WARNING: This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm

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