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BALDR Weather Station


Color & Large Display: Different from other weather stations, indoor outdoor thermometer is equipped with a large color LCD screen that enables your reading without difficulty, especially for the elder person. Backlight is always on for you to check the screen at any time.
Dynamic Barometric Pressure History Histogram Display: Weather stations wireless indoor outdoor comes with a built-in barometer, clear show you the bar graph of the barometric pressure change in the past 12 hours, helping you quick view the change of indoor outdoor barometric pressure.
WWVB Receiving Function: Outdoor thermometer comes with WWVB function, automatically searching RCC signal at UTC 7:00,8:00,9:00,10:00,11:00 each day.Once signal received at any one receiving time, it will stop receiving signal that day. Without any complex setup process for anyone to set up it even for the eldly. What's more, we also have a professional customer service team, you can directly call or email us to guide your installation.
Scientific Weather Prediction: There are 5 kinds of weather icons shown on the LCD screen. The weather icon display is based on the hourly calculation of indoor/outdoor temperature & humidity and barometer data. The weather forecast is for the next 12 hours with 70%-75% accuracy, not the reaction of the current weather status.
Wireless Remote Monitoring: BALDR weather station supports up to 3 sensors for connection(1 sensor included). Up to 326ft of wireless transmission distance in open areas, which is very suitable for monitoring multiple locations such as living room, garage, cellar, greenhouse, etc.

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