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Back Relief Lumbar Pillow


Imagine sitting all day on any chair without back pain, instant relief.

Specially shaped by in-house ergonomists, the Back Relief Lumbar Pillow is scientifically designed to relieve back pressure and improve sitting posture on any chair, sofa, recliner, or car seat. It contours naturally against the back to provide effective lumbar support for all-day back comfort.

- Office or Working From Home
Instantly add enjoyable lumbar support to any chair to improve comfort and enhance productivity.
- Relaxing or TV Watching
Add Enjoyable lumbar support to supplement the comfort of the sofa, recliner, or bed.
- Always Supportive
Extra dense memory foam provides excellent support even against soft backings like bed and pillows.
- Adjustable Secure Strap
Gel-lined adjustable strap accommodates any chair back and grips tightly to prevent sliding.

16 L x 16 W x 4 H inches

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