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Astronauts Lodge 3D Electric Mechanical Moving Puzzle DIY Kit


REALISTIC MODEL INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION - ISS space station is a modular space station in low earth orbit. The ISS is the embodiment of the most advanced technological achievements of earthlings. Paying tribute to the engineering genius of the creators of the artificial celestial body, the designers of Metal Time have created a prefabricated model of the Astronaut Lodge of the space research station.

HANDS and SPATIAL PERCEPTION EXERCISE - Our international space station model kit is excellent for hands and spatial perception because it consists of 229 different parts. To assemble the ISS model, you will need to be patient and study the structure of a real space station. Knowing the name and purpose of each module, it will be twice as interesting to assemble them with your own hands.

KEY FEATURES ASTRONAUTS LODGE - This model of the ISS space station is equipped with an electric motor that allows the structure to rotate around its axis. You can also manually adjust the tilt angle of the station to the surface on which it is located. Each model of the space station has a customized business card holder with an engraved Earth relief.

PREMIUM QUALITY and EASY ASSEMBLY - Precise cutting of the modular space station model eliminates the possibility of cuts during assembly. All parts are precisely matched to each other and will not create connection problems. The ISS model is made of environmentally friendly stainless steel. Pleasant tactile sensations, durability, and aesthetics of brushed metal distinguish metal 3D puzzles from other constructors.

UNUSUAL INTERIOR DECORATION and UNIQUE GIFT - Our 3d metal model Astronauts Lodge is the most extraordinary interior decoration, surpassing space ships in TV series in originality. ISS space 3D model is a unique gift for those who are interested in the space achievements of mankind, fans of science fiction, and complex engineering structures.

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