AmaMedic R7 LE Massage Chair


The Amamedic R7 LE is an upgraded version of the existing R7 and is a deluxe massage chair with eight fixed rollers from the neck to the waist. It is compact and deluxe, suitable for small to medium sizes. It also features zero gravity level 2, 20 airbags for air massage, and roller heat.
8 Fixed Massage Rollers
The R7 LE is designed with eight fixed massage rollers from the neck down to the waist.
Heat Rollers Therapy
The R7 LE enhances the massage experience with roller heating that moves from the neck to the buttocks. It can be easily adjusted with a touchpad or a side controller.

2 Stage Zero Gravity
AmaMedic R7 LE offers 2 stages of Zero Gravity for weightless massage. With the back fully supported by backrest, the intensity of the massage can be increased. You can choose recline the chair to an automatic Zero Gravity position, or manually adjust your position.
20 Cells Full body Air massager

Extendable Footrest
AmaMedic R7 LE’s Extendable Footrest stretches up to 8 inches for height adjustments. When the massage begins, the legrest fully extends; press firmly with feet to begin.

Removable Back pillow
A removeable back pillow allows the user to optimize the best back massage . Removing the pillow will allow a much deeper massage experience to the back area.

Surround Sound Bluetooth Speaker
The AmaMedic R7 features high quality Bluetooth speakers for any audio you’d like to listen during your massage.
Comfotable USB port
The R7 LE’s USB A charging are located on the side of the chair for easy reach. Relax and enjoy an imperative time for self care as your device charges.
Touch Screen Control /Quick side Control Panel
• Automatic Mode
• Heating
• Power/Force
• Model
• Zero Gravity
• Up&Down
• Forward/Reverse
• Time

Heat Foot Roller Massage
The R7 LE is designed to have foot roller each side for a thorough massage from heel to toe.

Dimensions(W x L x H)
Upright :29.0" x 57.0" x 40"
Reclined :29.0" x 68.0" x 31.5"
Width Shoulder :22"
Seat :19"
Minimum Doorway Size :29"
Maximum User Weight : 250 lbs