AmaMedic Otamic Massage Wave Gun V

Dark Blue

AmaMedic Otamic Massage Wave Gun V is designed with 5 levels of power intensity and a modern ergonomic design. It has excellent effects on pain relief and prevention through fascia relaxation, motor function improvement, blood circulation, and diet. Otamic Massage Wave Gun V that can be used by everyone from the general public to athletes. It surely stimulates and releases muscle tensions and helps muscle relaxation and build muscle.

- 4 Massage Heads
- 3200 RPM
- 5 levels of power intensity
- 3 Modes (Muscle / Fatigue Relief / Professional High Intensity)
- Non-Slip Hand Grip Design
- Easy setting system
- Easy to carry
- All-in-one Package Bag
- 2 Year Warranty

Exchangeable 4 massage heads, round, round flat, fork and bullet heads, are included in the package. It can be used interchangeably depending on the area and purpose of the muscles and your body shape.

- Fork Head: Neck / Spine / Heal Tendon
Round Head: Arms / Back / Buttocks / Thighs / Calves
Bullet Head: Joints / Palms / Soles
Round Flat Head: Extremities Massage

Dimension: 9.05"x6.69"x2.63