AirOsage Cordless & Portable Air Leg-Arm Massage

AirOsage Cordless & Portable Air Leg-Arm Massage

The Cordless AirOsage delivers Air Compression and either Heat or Cold Therapy to help relieve muscle aches and pains and help enhance circulation and rejuvenate sore, tired muscles. Use on your legs – thighs and calves and also great for your biceps. The unique air compression massage helps speed up recovery, helps improve performance and feels awesome!
Relieve Aching Muscles
Helps Enhance Circulation
Speed Up Muscle Recovery
Helps Improve Performance
Feels Awesome!
Relaxercise Technology – Passive exercise & muscle activation
Helps with Swollen legs
Helps with fatigue, swelling
Helps with inflammation
Helps with poor circulation, cold limbs