Airdog Mist Free Humidifier


From the creators of Airdog purification, the innovative Airdog Mist-Free Humidifier adopts the latest technologies to provide comfortable, clean air without the mess and hassle. Traditional humidifiers will produce a lot of water mist and white powder that will make the floor and desktop wet. This can, over time, grow mold and bacteria that is harmful to our health. Airdog’s Mist-Free Air Humidifier is designed with Nano Cold Evaporative humidification technology, along with Airdog's trusted purification technology to kill 99% of viruses and bacteria, for healthy, clean air without mist, residue or mess.
Highlights -
• Provides consistent humidification with no mist, water mess or residue.
• Removes 99% of bacteria and viruses, providing clean air.
• Digital display shows real time humidity levels in your space. • 3L large-capacity water tank ensures comfortable humidity for 12 hours.
• Includes auto mode and quiet sleep mode.
• Features a color changing night lamp and remote control
Specifications -

Unit Size - 13.3" x 9.4" x 9.4"
Unit Weight (each) - 7 lbs
Rated Humidity - 250ML/h
Water Tank Capacity - 3L Power - 110V / 14W