Aipower Wireless Earbuds & Fitness Tracker


Wearbuds by Aipower are designed to change the game. A revolutionary milestone of true wireless stereo that frees you from inconvenient charging, easy-to-lose buds, monstrous charging cases, and other headaches. We made the extra effort to create a band that not only acts as a charger and carry case, but is also a fully-functional fitness tracker.

• 8 Patents
• 129 Components
• 285 Prototypes
• 3D Precision 3D Printed
• On-Wrist Charging: 13-hour playtime on a single charge
• IPX6 Waterproof: Protect outdoor adventure
• Ultra-Stable: Bluetooth connection
• Continuous: Music, High-Fidelity sound

Revolutionary 2-in-1 Design
W20 is the world's first true wireless Hi-Res earbuds housed in a fitness band. The tws earbuds can be charged on your wrist thus possess greater portability. The smart watch can serve as 24 hour continuous Heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, pedometer,Calorie counter, step counter, health tracker.

Premium Sound Quality & Effective Noise Isolation
Featuring flawless audio streaming with no skips or drops and bring astonishing high-fidelity sound through fine-tuned graphene-augmented drivers. Skin-friendly silicone enhances the comfort of the wristband, and hybrid silicone allows the ear-tips are able to achieve more effective passive noise cancellation.

Fitness Tracking
With advanced motion sensors and an accurate heart rate monitor, the fitness band on your wrist can count your steps, calculate calories burned and keeps track of your physical state in real-time throughout the day. Fitness reports will be synced and stored in your Aipower App.

On-wrist Notifications
The backlit touchscreen on the band allows you to see all your fitness data at a glance and displays smart phone notifications. Real-time notification such as incoming call, Facebook, Twitter, instagram, SMS etc be alerted by the smart bracelet, helping you stay connected.

Integrated Touch Control
The side of both earbuds can be tapped or pressed to adjust the volume, change the track, play or pause, or access your phone's assistant. You can also make hands-free phone calls with either earbud individually (or use both like normal).

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