Urban Union Tectuff® Organizer Bundle - Waterproof Edition


The Waterproof Edition Organizer Bundle is built for extreme conditions and outdoor adventures. The durable organizer, waterproof pen and waterproof notepad make it easy to record notes and ideas in any situation. Ultra-durable Tectuff® leather in the Organizer can withstand water, oil and abrasions while withstanding extreme heat and freezing temperatures without cracking. The Tactiv WP09 waterproof pen has Rite-In-The-Rain® pressurized waterproof ink so that it can write in any direction and any weather. Top it off with a waterproof Rite-In-The-Rain® notebook and you have a daily organizer that can withstand anything.
Bundle Includes:
• Tectuff® Organizer
• Tactiv WP09 Bolt-Action Waterproof Pen
• Rite-In-The-Rain Waterproof Notebook