Tecbot Vision Robot Vacuum Cleaner


This Tecbot cleaner is an App and Wi-Fi controlled vacuum sweeper with an on-board mopping tank that offers different options of cleaning. It’s designed to map out your home and designate specific areas to clean or mop. With a 45° real-time camera mapping system, the TV 02N allows for scheduled cleanings of multiple rooms with high and precise accuracy. This slim built 3.1 inch robot is perfect for cleaning underneath beds, sofa and cabinets. It has a large dustbin capacity and 3 levels of suction power 1200pa, 1500pa and 1800pa for deep carpet and heavy dirt pick up pressure. Excellent for absorbing pet hairs, food crumbs, and dust with the click of a button you can activate various smart sensors for auto-cleaning, auto-charging, anti-collision and anti-fall preventing operations. With a quiet cleaning mode, this 13.7" in. x 3.1" in. French designed robot vacuum is equipped with a nidec fan motor and a high quality battery pack to suit the needs of long duration cleaning jobs. Say hello to the vacuum that gets more intelligent the more you use it. Specifications includes 120 min. cleaning time, 600ml dustbin, 58db low noise and 4-level water drip mopping system. This device is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.