Tactiv WP09 Bolt-Action Waterproof Pen


The WP09 is a fully waterproof writing device that allows you to write in any condition. The pressurized ink cartridge writes in any direction and in extreme temperatures from -30°f to 250°f.

**Premium Materials:** Expertly machined with aluminum, stainless steel & polished copper

**Rifle-Inspired Design:** The robust & lightweight bolt-action design was inspired by the M16A4 Series 5.56mm Rifle

**Downpour Waterproof:** Rite-In-The-Rain® waterproof ink can endure any storm and extreme temperatures from -30°F to 250°F

**Multi-Directional:** The waterproof ink cartridge is pressurized so it can write upside down

**Strong Grip & Durable Pocket Clip:**The pen is designed to be gripped in any weather condition. Stainless steel pocket clip for a secure carry