Stori™ - Smart Storage


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Stori™ - Smart storage
A modular storage system designed to keep your herbs safe, organized, and accessible.

What's in the box ?

1 x Stori™ Case to stores your 6 pods and 6 tubes with room for accessories like rolling papers, lighters, and vapes.
6 x Stori™ Pods made from food safe aluminum to stores up to 7 grams of herbals in each pod. The colored lids match the tubes and combine with the Stori App to make staying organized simple and fun.
6 x Stori™ Tubes made from food safe aluminum to keep pre-rolls secure while you're on the go. Attach your pre-roll to the lid of the tube to keep it safe from impact.
1 x Stori™ dry erase marker to help label your pods without the app
2 x Stori™ rolling papers
Stori™ is smart storage that's safe and stunning. Its modular color-based pods and tubes keep your products secure and fresh while at home or on-the-go.

Safe — childproof case, pods, and tubes give you layers of protection.
Smell proof — airtight lids keep strong smells inside the pods and tubes.
Food safe — aluminum that's food safe to preserve smell and taste.
Smart — an app to track your storage and discover new products.

Case is 12.6"(w) x 5.7"(d) x 4.1" (h)

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