Solaris Laboratories NY "It's Lit" LED 3-in-1 Facial Massager

Solaris Laboratories NY "It's Lit" LED 3-in-1 Facial Massager

Healthy skin is our goal, and this 3 in 1 tool offers the best of what your skin will take. Pulsing vibration technology, heat mode, and red LED light. In just a 3 minute de-stressing massage the skin becomes lifted, radiant and refreshed.

3-in-1 facial massager in pink. Includes vibration, heat, and red LED light settings.

· Simultaneous setting options

· Vibration mode: 8000 rpm
· Heat mode: 45° C
· Red LED mode: 630 nm
· USB-C to USB-A charging cable
· H4 x W2.5 x D0.5 in

- Blur fine lines - smooth deep lines
Firm and tone
Tightened Complexion
Relaxed appearance
Defined cheekbones and lifted jawline
45 Degree Celsius heat for detoxification
8000 Revolutions per minute vibration for stimulation and microcirculation
Results are both immediate and compounded as the tool is used long term
It was designed to seamlessly be incorporated in your routine so you have control over the serum that works with your skin type
The LED gua sha has been engineered to give elevated results better than using a topical product alone
Red LED for structural production