Cocktail Smoker Top - Smoke Stack

Cocktail Smoker Top - Smoke Stack

The Crafty Cocktail has created this one of a kind Cocktail Smoke Stack! Take your cocktails to the next level. Each smoke stack measures approximately 4"x4"x2" and last for about 500 cocktail smokings depending on the length of burn. Patent Pending

This kit includes
1 - Oak cocktail smoke stack
1 - Screen
1- Barrel Aged Infusing Powder
***Torch and cocktail glass not included. Sold separately

To clean out your smoke stack, insert a pencil or small device up from the bottom of the stack and pop out the included screen. Clean with warm water and a brush and insert back into the stack from the top. You can purchase replacement screens in our shop.

How to use the cocktail smoke stack?
- Make your cocktail in the rocks glass
- Place the cocktail smoke stack on top of your glass
- Fill the chimney stack with a pinch of infusing powder
- Place the torch close to the chimney stack and force the smoke down into the glass
- Let sit for 20-30s (depending on desired amount of smoke)
- Remove topper and enjoy!

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