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SmithShaper® TR-BAR™ PLUS
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SmithShaper® TR-BAR™ PLUS

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The new SMITHSHAPER® TR-BAR PLUS™ is a long tee resistance loop band bar that includes a TR-BAR and loop band set along with a detachable 33-inch top bar to expands the total number of TR-BAR exercises to THIRTY. The TR-BAR PLUS also includes extra wide padded grips, metal O-Rings at each end, a door anchor, and a set of steel carabiners. The 33-inch top bar can be detached from the stem to instantly transform into a long resistance band bar. The TR-BAR-PLUS is for those who need all the functionality and exercise capability of the TR-BAR but also prefer a wider grip and want to perform additional resistance bar exercises. For example, with the TR-BAR-PLUS, resistance exercises such as chest presses and overhead forward tricep pulls are possible. This is due to the end connectors, resistance bands and
door anchor, etc. that are included with the TR-BAR PLUS. Also, included is a 20 in. x 14 in. vinyl adhesive exercise instruction sheet covering all THIRTY exercises.

It will improve your aerobic conditioning and balance while strengthening your chest, obliques, legs, shoulders, arms and core. It’s an all in one fitness trainer capable of THIRTY different exercises that can be performed anywhere, inside or outside. Like all SmithShaper exercise equipment solutions, the TR-BAR PLUS is portable. Even though it’s a tee shaped device measuring 33-inch x 15.5 inch, it weights under 3 lb. and can be disassembled and reassembled in less than 5 seconds to fit in a back-pack. the TR-BAR-PLUS is just as portable as the TR-BAR because the 33-inch top bar reduces in size once removed from the upper portion of the device. Most importantly, the device allows the performance of vertical and horizontal resistance band exercises to tone, shape and build muscle while also keeping it fun. For example, some TR-BAR PLUS exercises require physical movement (lateral, forward and backward), some work on your balance, some on your abs and core, and many TR-BAR PLUS exercise will also strengthen various upper body muscle groups.

The TR-BAR PLUS, like the TR-BAR is truly special for the physical movement it allows during resistance band exercises. One of the best exercises enabled by the TR-BAR PLUS are sideways shuffles, e.g. squat walks, while also performing resistance band biceps curls or vertical shoulder rows. Moving multiple steps in any direction while simultaneously engaging your arms and legs is why the TR-BAR PLUS stands out compared to other resistance band devices. This cardio and strength building workout is NOT possible using a straight resistance bar for two reasons. First, your legs would be restricted laterally with bands perpendicular to the floor and second, most loop bands would not be long enough. The TR-BAR PLUS solves this problem because the loop resistance bands connect at a point near the center of your body and form a triangle with your feet.

The TR-BAR PLUS also help you to improve your balance as you increase your strength. For example, both the TR-BAR PLUS shoulder press and sideways shoulder press exercises require you to do your best to stay balanced with only one foot on the ground. Besides the core strengthening inherent in these combo resistance / balance exercises, the TR-BAR PLUS, also enables core strengthening with exercises such as the Obliques Rotator exercise.

The TR-BAR PLUS includes a 33-inch x 1.25 inch padded bar, a 13.5 inch aluminum center post, an exercise instruction sheet explaining all THIRTY exercises, two 42 inch resistance bands, two 36 inch resistance bands, two end metal O-rings, three carabiners, one door anchor, and two snap locks.


• THIRTY EXERCISES - The TR-BAR PLUS doubles the number of loop resistance band exercises of the standard T-BAR. The expanded system enables full-body muscle development. This is possible due to its included anchor system, end connectors, carabiner set and extra wide grip.
• PORTABLE - Even though the TR-BAR PLUS includes a 33-inch top bar, it remains portable as it easily detaches and reduces to a 16-inch length
• First of its kind - a resistance band bar shaped as a TEE to enable unique resistance exercises, that also instantly transforms to a resistance bar for anchored resistance band exercises. The TR-BAR is truly special for the physical movement it allows during resistance band exercises that are not feasible with a straight resistance bars. Some of the best exercises enabled by the TR-BAR are sideways squat walks while performing resistance band upper body exercises and a full set of chest exercises and other upper body exercises from an anchored position,
• Improves aerobic conditioning and balance while providing a variety of exercises for full-body muscle development and strengthening. The TR-BAR PLUS will help you sculpt legs, abs, glutei, obliques, chest, shoulders, arms and more.

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SmithShaper® TR-BAR™ PLUS

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