Brookstone Smart Camera/Smart Baby Monitor


This Smart Baby Monitor is like no other. It can attach magnetically to it’s base or be put into a silicone teddy bear stand that looks like a toy. It has a dimmable night light, plays lullabies, night vision, motion and sound detection, two-way audio and can tell you the temperature in the room! You can also easily access and control it from your phone from anywhere. It also works great to just use as a normal smart camera to keep your house or business secure or to keep an eye on your pets.

-Fast and Easy Pairing using the Brookstone® Smart App
-2 mounting options - Magnetic Base/Soft Bear Cover
-Motion detection that Alerts you with Push Notifications
-Sound detection that Alerts you with Push Notifications
-Night Vision
-Dimmable Night Light
-Two-way Voice Communications
-Supports Micro SD Card up to 32GB and Cloud Storage
-Video Resolution 1080p
-Plays 3 different Lullabies or White Noise
-Detects Temperature in room
-Connects to existing WiFi

Inlcudes: Camera, Magnetic Stand, Silicone Teddy Bear Stand, USB Adapter, USB Cable, Mounting Kit and User Manual

1 Year Limited Warranty


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