ROYO Roller™

$44.99 $49.99

The adjustable length ROYO Roller is perfect for pre and post workouts, yoga, exercise, fitness, sport training, stretching, and daily use so you can increase performance and flexibility, and improve blood flow and circulation to your muscles. Simply screw the roller rings together so you can adjust length to fit your body massage needs. The ROYO Roller penetrates the soft tissue layer of tired and sore muscles, the knobs and ribs mimic fingers, thumb and palm massage. Easy to use and helps for lower back injury, sciatica, arthritis or plantar fasciitis. Provides comfortable massage to your shoulders, arms, legs and back. The ROYO roller helps with mobility and range of motion so you stay active. Made with quality-grade, medium density EVA foam and PP core for daily use and durability. Simply clean with mild soap and warm water. Includes Instructional Exercise Chart, 5 Roller Rings, each Ring is 6” Dia. X 3” W., total size is 6” Dia. x 16” L., and weighs 2.75 lbs.

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