Rollerball Ink (3-Pack)


Don’t replace your pen, replace the ink - Did the ink in your pen run out? No worries, don’t order another pen, just order the Rollerball Ink 3 pack and simply replace the ink.
Change pen ink colors in under 30 seconds - Want a new ink color for your iSpyPen? In under 30 seconds you can easily swap out the color for 1 of the 3 included in the Rollerball ink 3 pack.
Also availble: 3 new ink colors - Don’t limit you'r iSpyPen to just the standard black ink. You can now choose from black, red and blue ink.
Help make your pen seem more discrete - Competitor pens in the spy market only allow for the use of black ink, making it much easier to spot them. By switching out the ink in your iSpyPen you can help ensure that no one notices it.