RAD Rod - Myofascial Release Mini Massage Stick


Experience pro-level relief with an ultra-portable tool that packs a major punch of benefits. The Rod Mini’s innovative design works to flush larger, dense muscles while also targeting smaller areas with super- focused pressure. It’s everything you need, anywhere you need it, everywhere you go.

Movement and active care are critical to ensuring the fluids in your body stay fresh and continue flowing, which helps your muscles stay loose, feel better and recover faster. This process of promoting the movement of fluids through your muscles is called “flushing” and it’s exactly what the RAD Rod Mini is engineered to do. Using long rolling motions, the RAD Rod Mini targets deep into the tightest and densest muscle tissue to keep healthy fluid pumping. The focused pressure of the steel core as it rolls over your muscles pushes fresh fluid through your body for maximum relief and recovery - following a race, post-workout or simply after a long flight or stressful day at the office.

Use it for your usual rolling, or up the ante by inserting one end of the RAD Rod into the center hole of the RAD Atom to create a self-directed, crowbar-style shearing tool that pulls muscles open (Atom sold separately).

Materials: High density foam and silicone outer, steel inner
Size: 15.75 x .75 inches
Weight: 1 pound
BPA, latex and plastic free
Recycleable packaging
Lifetime manufacturer warranty