Plugmax USB-C Multiport adapter

$69.95 $199.95
Plugmax USB-C Multiport adapter

The ultimate USB-C hub is here!

If you are looking for a hub that has everything you need then Plugmax is for you. In one portable hub, you get all the functions you’ll ever need.

The 7 ports make working convenient and simple. Data transfer and power delivery is quicker than ever. The HDMI 4K adapter creates perfect video output. Plugmax is the all in one tool every laptop needs have. Now you have access to all the ports you’ll ever need on one sleek hub.

What makes Plugmax so good
All the ports you need- Plugmax packs 7 ports in one hub. No more clutter around the laptop. Plug in everything in a tidy manner.
The smallest USB-C hub out there- Plugmax fits into your pocket. Its small sleek design is perfect for travelers.
Upgrading your laptop- Plugmax makes for an HDMI 4K adapter and has the best power delivery out there.
Why Plugmax is for you- The ports on a laptop are never enough. Plugmax gives you access to every port you need.

• Adapter Port: USB C
• Compatible – Apple/Samsung
• Dimensions – 15 cm x 10cm
• Weight – Less than 1lb
• Material - Plastic
• Function 1: USB C To HDMI
• Function 2: USB C To USB
• Function 3: USB Type-C Power Delivery charging port
• Function 4: 1 * SD card slot 1 * TF card slot
• Function 5: USB C Date Transfer Port Only
• Instructions Manual included
• Warranty – 1 year