iSpyPen Plug and Play Adapter + Portable Battery


The Plug & Play Adapter from iSpyPens is designed to give you instant, hassle free playback on your smartphone or tablet using a video playback app. With a few clicks you can stream and share files from your iSpyPen Pro.

The iSpyPen Pro supports simultaneous charging and recording, so whether your device needs a recharge or you are looking to extend the recording time of your iSpyPen Pro, the included Portable Battery offers an extra 3 hours of record time. SpyPen Pro Adapter
— Designed For Instant Smartphone Playback
— Adapters: MicroUSB for Android, Lightning for iPhone, Type-C & USB For Everything Else.
— Compatible With Virtually All Devices With An Input Port

Portable Battery
— Capacity: 5,000mah
— Micro-USB Rechargeable (Cable Included)
— Charge Time: 5 Hours