Nerve Spa Tall Diabetic Socks for Men - 1 pair

Nerve Spa Tall Diabetic Socks for Men - 1 pair

Nerve Spa is in the business of happy, healthy feet. Proven to reduce swelling, our nonbinding knee high socks for diabetics come recommended by podiatrists and orthopedic specialists who know best. Made out of premium grade materials shown to enhance blood flow without constricting movement or leaving marks on skin, these super stretch diabetic socks are comfortable and loose fitting enough to wear all day. Wear them to work, to the gym, around the home or to bed. Padded for extra comfort and thinned out in other areas to support ventilation, the extra wide diabetic socks keep feet sweat-free and allow flexibility.

Never before has there been a technical stitch imparted into a diabetic sock. This is sure to be the highest quality sock on the market for those with circulatory conditions such as diabetes. Features : COMFORTABLE SOCKS FOR DIABETICS: Our socks provide gentle compression to prevent swelling & mitigate fatigue. Recommended diabetic sox for men with diabetes, chronic swelling, cirrhosis or lymphedema.
TALL LENGTH- ANKLE & CALF SUPPORT: Long enough to encompass the foot & cover the bottom half of your leg, these tall knee high socks for diabetic men provide extended relief from the ankle all the way to the knee.
NON-BINDING, MINIMAL COMPRESSION: Stretchy & extra wide to accommodate big feet but tight enough around the calf to not slip. Socks fit loosely but still snug enough to stay put. Slight compression promotes circulation.
AVAILABLE IN MEN'S SMALL OR LARGE: These diebetic socks are available in size men's small or men's large. Use them to treat swollen feet, swollen ankles, foot injuries & more. Best choice therapeutic hosiery for diabetic men.
CUSHIONED, THIN, SOFT & BREATHABLE: Our high performance diabetic socks are nonrestrictive, softer than you can imagine, thin & breathable yet thick enough to endure regular wash wear. They're not just for diabetics!