Minimalistic Biofuel Table Top Fire Pit

Minimalistic Biofuel Table Top Fire Pit

This innovative fireplace features a elegantly crafted glass body, providing a stable Stainless Steel fuel tank, offering a sleek, modern aesthetic.

The Fireplace is fueled by eco-friendly Bio Ethanol, which burns cleanly and efficiently, providing a cozy ambiance without the hassle of traditional wood-burning fireplaces. With its transparent glass body, you can enjoy the mesmerizing dance of flames from any angle, making it a captivating centerpiece for your gatherings, parties, or quiet nights at home.

— Container Capacity: 1500ml
— Smokeless, Odorless, Safe, & Durable
— Materials: Stainless Steel, Tempered Glass
— Measurements 13.8"L x 5.1"W x 12"H
— Warranty: Manufacturer's 1 Year
— Fuel Not Included