MiHIGH Weighted Infrared Heat Pad

MiHIGH Weighted Infrared Heat Pad

Enjoy the relaxation of weight & heat therapy to soothe your body when you need it most.

• Multipurpose shape to hold the whole body
• Evenly distributed heat and weight
• Handheld Temperature control

Combining Two Of The Best Relaxation Therapies Into One
The Weighted Infrared Heat Pad provides targeted heat therapy to your aches and pains, along with the soothing nature of a weighted blanket. Let your muscles enjoy the soothing combination of infrared heat and weighted therapy. Use the multipurpose pad all over your body to soothe your stomach, back, shoulders, and legs.

Sooth Sore Muscles
The deep penetrating infrared heat increases blood flow at a rapid rate, reducing inflammation and relaxing your sore muscles.

Reduced Inflammation
Weighted blankets are known for reducing stress and aiding sleep. Enjoy these benefits with the addition of heat to target the whole body.

Weighted Pressure
We've combined the relaxing benefits of weight and heat therapy to create a product that will help you truly relax from the comfort of your home. 

Material and Specs:
- 12*24”
Soft crystal velvet
Tourmaline weighted beads
FAR infrared heat
40-60C / 103 - 140 F

What's Included:
- Weighted infrared heat pad
Handheld controller