Luxton Ergonomic Rolling Stool

Luxton Ergonomic Rolling Stool
Are you looking for an all-around stool that won’t strain your back?

Sitting for many hours is unavoidable especially when you’re working as a clinician, a dentist, a lash technician, a masseuse, or a teacher. You might experience more back aches and pains as time goes by.

And whether you’re a tattoo artist or someone who spends a lot of time in a workshop, you need a chair that can adjust to the natural contours of your hips and lower back. Imagine having your full concentration on the work at hand without needing to shift every now and then in an attempt to find a comfortable position. Wouldn’t that be nice?

This Ergonomic Rolling Stool with Wheels can help you minimize the strain of being seated for too long!

Made from premium memory foam, this versatile stool is comfortable and will remain so for hours! It is ergonomically designed, so it helps you maintain good posture. As a result, there may be less pressure on your spine even when you work for hours on end.

The cushion of this work stool is also much thicker by 65%. Its height can easily be adjusted anywhere from 19 to 26.3 inches, depending on your preferences and needs as a nail tech, makeup artist, doctor, or even a facialist or aesthetician!

The wheels on this adjustable stool are also designed to roll over anything. Move this stool conveniently around your home or office without much hassle! Plus, this ergonomic stool can be assembled within 5 minutes. No complicated setups, no need for an entire array of tools just to put it together.

Here are more reasons to love this stool:

- Smooth surface for added comfort
- Easily portable
- Swivels easily and smoothly

Take care of your back no matter what you’re doing. Features Double Padding - Our rolling stool is almost twice as thick as any other vanity stool on the market and it is all memory foam. This cushion follows the contour of your body so you can comfortably sit and work for hours without much strain on your hips, tailbone, or back. Bigger Range of Motion - Our round stool chairs height is more adjustable than the others on the market. It can be adjusted from 19"-26.3" high allowing you more options to get comfortable in. It can be an office stool, pedicure stool or nail tech chair, drafting stool, or an esthetician chair! Quick Assembly - You only need five minutes to put together our shop stools with wheels! Get each one ready in no time, whether you're getting the roller chair as a work stool or for a medical clinic. Rolls On Any Surface - The swivel stool's wheels are designed to glide on any flooring type. Conveniently glide from one area to another while you're comfortably seated on this chair stool. Product Dimensions : 14.25"D x 21"W x 20"H Materials : PU Leather, Memory Foam, Stainless Steel