FITT360 The First Neckband 360 Camera


FITT360 is the world's first and only neckband 360 camera. Designed to capture your vivid 360° world effortlessly, this hands-free device provides a whole new way to tell your story in 360° True First-Person-View.

Whether it is chasing after your kids, cycling with your friends, traveling or going on adventures, FITT360 makes it easy to capture the moments that matter.

Lightweight & Comfortable: With FITT360 weghing only 240g, it will guarantee comfort. Designed to be unobtrusive, FITT360 is wearable throughout your daily lives without any sense of displacement or awkwardness.

Three Cameras: FITT360 uses three FHD cameras that automatically stitches and saves into a 360 degree format. The cameras surrounding the FITT360 captures environments of each user in the True First Person View (FPV) with up to 90 minutes of recording time.

Contact Free: Simply press record and focus on your never-again moments and the experience itself.

First Person View: The footages FITT360 provide will take you back to those moments in the most immersive way possible with True First Person View. Rewinding your world and discovering what you might have missed is now possible.

Live Streaming: Share your vision in real-time or preview what you have captured and share it with the world via social networks or YouTube.

Mobile App Integration: Companion mobile application “FITT360” compensates and normalize the exposures in all 3 clips and auto-stitches them while minimizing the shakes of the clips to be VR-Ready.

Plenty of Storage: FITT360 comes with 64GB of internal memory and users can also add up to 128GB of external storage, so there is no need to worry about losing your memories!

With FITT360, the possibilities are endless. Whether it is vlogging a trip or giving a virtual tour to future homeowners, FITT360 can do it all. No need to worry about battery life, as it allows up to 70 minutes of continuous recording. You can easily share any experience that you can’t capture with your phone through FITT360.

Other Specifications
USB-C Charging & Data Transfer
Connectivity via Bluetook & Wireless LAN
iOS & Android App Integration
64GB Internal Memory (+128GB External Memory Card Slot)
Live Streaming via Facebook & Youtube

FITT360 is designed to fit necks with sizes 12 inches to 18 inches (dress shirt size up to 17") and can be adjusted with the three neck adjustors provided (small, medium, large).

Technical Details
— Stitching Mode Resolution: Up to 11.5MP (4800 x 2400)
— Single Camera Mode Resolution: Up to 5.7MP (2400 x 2400)
— Aperture: F 2.1
— Angle of View: 187° x 3
— Image Formats: JPG
— Video Formats (compressed): MP4
— Battery Life Capacity: 1920 mAh
— Battery Full Charge Time: Wiithin 2 hours
— Battery Usage: Up to 70 Minutes Of Continuous Recording
—- Minimum Setting Value: 3840x1920/30fps/30Mbps (Continuous 10 minutes recording)
—- Maximum Setting Value- 1440x720/15fps/10Mbps (Continuous 70 minutes recording)
—- Stand-By: 15 hours (May vary depending on the environment and climate)
— IPX4 Water Resistance
— Weight: 8.47 oz.

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