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Leaf Urban Health Tracker/Smart Jewelry


- Leaf keeps track of your activity, sleep, and reproductive health and using the collected data and our unique algorithm calculates your resistance to stress.
- Unlike most health trackers, Leaf is completely optimized for women’s health, which makes data tracking more personalized and accurate.
- As a stylish piece of jewelry that can be worn in 3 different ways, it’s able to suit any occasion or outfit perfectly
- With up to 6-Months of battery life, you no longer have to worry about charging - just replace the battery once it is drained
- Set your own goals, and increase them as you progress - work on your health at your own speed without competing with others
- Set up silent alarms (vibrations) to wake you up or remind you to take your pills, as well as an Inactivity Alert which reminds you to stay active
- Keep track of you ovulation days and menstrual cycle in the Bellabeat app
- You can select from over 70+ custom activities in the Bellabeat app to keep track of all activities, including things like gardening or cooking

h (in) 1.7 | w (in) 1.1 | d (in) 0.5 | wgt (lbs) 0.04

Water resistance: IPX grade 6
Power: Coin cell battery - 6 month duration
Sync: Bluetooth Smart wireless syncing

What’s in the Box?

- Leaf Urban
- Active Bracelet
- Infinity Necklace
- Battery Replacement Tool

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