Leaf Chakra Health Tracker/Smart Jewelry


- Leaf Chakra is a wellness tracker that helps you create the perfect mind-body balance. It tracks your activity, sleep, reproductive health and using the collected data and our unique algorithm calculates your resistance to stress.
- Leaf Chakra connects with the Bellabeat app and offers exercises that teach proper breathing as well as various meditations. It is able to track your breathing and meditation, letting you know how well each exercise was completed.
- Designed with healing crystals, Leaf Chakra can be charged with nature’s positive energy that transfers to you and enhances the meditation experience.
- Unlike most health trackers, Leaf Chakra is completely optimized for women’s health, which makes data tracking more personalized and accurate.
- It’s a unique smart jewelry piece that was designed to be worn as a necklace or clip
- With up to 6-Months of battery life, you no longer have to worry about charging - just replace the battery once it is drained
- Set your own goals, and increase them as you progress - work on your health at your own speed without competing with others
- Set up silent alarms (vibrations) to wake you up or remind you to take your pills, as well as an Inactivity Alert which reminds you to stay active
- Keep track of you ovulation days and menstrual cycle in the Bellabeat app
- You can select from over 70+ custom activities in the Bellabeat app to keep track of all activities, including things like gardening or cooking

What’s in the Box?

- Leaf Chakra
- Infinity Necklace
- Battery Replacement Tool
h (in) 1.7 | w (in) 1.1 | d (in) 0.5 | wgt (lbs) 0.04

Water resistance: IPX grade 6
Power: Coin cell battery - 6 month duration
Sync: Bluetooth Smart wireless syncing