Golf Themed Whiskey Decanter Set


This eye-catching whiskey decanter is perfect for the golf-lover who enjoys a whiskey or two at the 19th hole. Entirely hand-crafted with care, this beautiful and unique decanter is certainly a strong display piece and adds a conversational and fun experience to enjoying your whiskey or other spirits. An excellent addition for parties and social gatherings or enjoying with golfing friends after the game.

Fortunately for most of us, a good golfing game is not a requirement for this decanter, but we can guarantee your whiskey game will be teed up for greatness. Truly the perfect gift for a whiskey or golf lover.

Unlock hidden flavours - it is said that transferring your whiskey, wine or other spirits to a glass decanter and allowing it to breath in the process opens up new hidden flavors in the drink while simultaneously showing off the liquid clarity of the spirits.

Simply use the included stainless steel funnel to fill the decanter and then use the air tight tap to pour yourself your faveourite drink at your leisure.

Entirely hand made. From the hand-crafted pine wood stand to the mouth-blown glass, to the stylish matte-finished gift box - we pay attention to detail so that each set can be displayed beautifully in your home or bar.

Gorgeous Gift Box: The set comes in a beautiful, hand crafted black premium matte-finish giftbox embossed with gold which adds a prestigious feel and a touch of luxury while making it a great gift idea for the Whiskey or Spirit lover or for the person who just has everything.

Holds entire bottle of whiskey: The decanter easily holds an entire standard-sized bottle of Whiskey or Spirits.

Comes with a stainless steel funnel to fill your decanter with no spillage. Also included is a Golf Ball shaped tight fitting glass stopper to keep your drink fresh with the full-bodied flavors infused inside.

Included in Each Set:
- Glass Decanter with golf ball engrained inside (Looks great when filled with Whiskey!)
- Wooden Shelf to proudly display the decanter and matching golf glasses
- Two golf ball shaped whiskey glasses, to enjoy with a friend/golf buddy
- Matte Black gift box embossed with gold for a prestigious feel
- Golf ball shaped glass stopper to keep your drink fresh with the full-bodied flavors infused inside.
- Air-tight tap to pour your whiskey or other spirit at your leisure
- Stainless steel funnel to pour your drink into the decanter, spillage free (No Bogies here)